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David Diaz

David Diaz

After a banking career underwriting commercial real estate, business and home loans, David left banking to join his wife Mary in the already established "family" real estate endeavor. Together, they have seen it all and learned that in the end, all that matters is helping clients achieve their real estate dreams and desires in the most efficient, ethical and professional way possible while building a high level of trust necessary for success.

This is a partnership lasting better than ten years, and it continues to grow. Adaptability and a willingness to change are keys to success in real estate. It is a business that changes almost daily, and requires perseverance and a driving passion to stay abreast of market and technological changes while staying true to what it really is all about: personal relationships.

David enjoys a well-rounded educational background with two University degrees, including a BBA in Business and Finance as well as a degree in Colonial American History, something he is very proud of.

Since the internet has become such an integral part of the real estate transaction, this is David's main focus, especially in the marketing end, since most people do start their home search there. Together with a virtual assistant, they work to ensure online marketing presence, particularly for our Sellers.

David engages with music and sculpture whenever possible and loves to unwind in the Florida Keys.